We are an International Company specializing in the Organization and Development of Real Estate Projects, with presence in the markets of Spain, USA, and Argentina.


Our mission is to manage projects at actual costs for the benefit of investors, through the legal entities of Cooperatives, Condominium Associations and Trusts.

Our services include all the necessary executive tasks in the development of a Project, while coordinating all parties involved, in order to achieve objectives and optimize results.

Guillermo Delger, President of HQ Realty Group.

Legal and Financial Structure
  • Defining the legal and financial plan that is most adequate for the development, defining the appropriate legal and financial plan to carry out the PROMOTION.
  • Preparing the presentation and management of loans for the Financial Entities: market research, commercial feasibility, resulting cash flows, marketing strategy, etc.
  • Creating the different economic scenarios resulting from each one of the financial proposals.
Technical Projects
  • Detail study, partial plan, urbanization project.
  • Architectural project.
  • Installations project (industry).
  • Telecommunications project.
Budget and Project Execution
  • Calculation and reference budget.
  • Determining the way for contracting: turn-key, measured contract, administration, etc.
  • Requesting bids from contractors and comparing them.
  • Adjustment of the bid to the forecasted qualities and materials.
  • Awarding of contract(s).
  • Management control and follow-up of work execution.
  • Purchase of materials and services contracting.
  • Work certification and payment to vendors.
Licenses and Permits
  • Official site plans.
  • Request for electric, water, telephone, gas and sewer connections.
  • Earth moving / Ground leveling / Earthwork permit.
  • Building permit.
  • Business license.
  • Declaration of new works under construction and property in condominium.
  • Easement of Way / Servitude of vehicular right of access.
  • Certificate of occupancy.
Services Contracting
  • Establishing / Setting up utilities, including electricity, gas, water, and telephone services.
  • Contracting of ten-year insurance and the necessary technical control.
  • Contracting of maintenance to elevators.
  • Contracting of maintenance to garage installations: ventilation, fire extinguishers, Carbon Monoxide detectors, etc.
  • Request to have Zoning verification request of property address/location.
  • Registration of mail boxes in the post office.
  • Registration in the City Hall for the allocation of trash cans and their collection.
Delivery and Operational Implementation
  • Registration in the County Property Records of the new plots of land.
  • Delivery of dwellings jointly with the user manual.
  • Receiving of orders for reviewing, coordinating and following-up on jobs.
  • Property Tax and Added Value management.
  • Creation of the Owners Association.
  • Opening of the bank account for the operation of the Association.
  • Contracting of common services.
  • Contracting the necessary insurance (comprehensive property and liability protection, etc.).
  • Appointment of a Homeowners Association / Community Association Manager.
  • Proposal of the budget for the operation of the Association.
  • Call and attendance to the first Property Owners Association Board of Directors’ meeting.